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Faculty of Science & Engineering

Welcome to the Faculty of Science & Engineering


Undergraduate Study in the Faculty of Science & Engineering

science students at NUI MaynoothAt undergraduate level, students choose from a wide range of degree options.   For example, some students will select a specialised denominated honours degree on their CAO application such as:


  • B.Sc. Biotechnology (MH202),
  • B.Sc. Computer Science & Software Engineering (MH203)
  • B.Sc. Physics with Astrophysics (MH204)
  • B.Sc. Theoretical Physics with Mathematics (MH206)
  • B.Sc. Genetics and Bioinformatics (MH207)
  • B.Sc. Biological and Biomedical sciences (MH208)
  • B.Sc. Psychology through Science (MH209)
  • B.Sc. Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Chemistry (MH210)
  • B.Sc. Multimedia (MH211)
  • B.Sc  Science Education (MH 212)
  • B.E. Computer Engineering (MH301)
  • B.E. Electronic Engineering (MH302)
  • B.E. Communications Engineering (MH303)
  • B.E. Engineering (Common Entry) (MH304)

Specialised courses like these complement more broadly based degrees.  For example students who wish to study one of the more traditional scientific disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Experimental Physics, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics should select :

  • B.Sc. Science (MH201).

This degree programme leads students to an honours degree in their chosen discipline but also allows a flexible range of subject choice throughout their studies.  Outstanding students on this course can also select the highly prized double honours degree programme (e.g. B.Sc. (Double Honours) Biology and Chemistry) but this selection is only made as they approach the final year.  Similar flexibility in subject choice is available to engineering students who can select a B.E. honours degree that allows choice between a broad range of Engineering topics before selecting which engineering specialism is most suitable for them.  These students should select:                                                                             

  • B.E. Engineering (Common Entry) (MH304)

Full details of  all these courses are available at the admissions webpage:

Graduate/Postgraduate Study in the Faculty of Science & Engineering

Maynooth offers state-of-the-art postgraduate level training through a broad range of taught courses (M.Sc, M.Comp. Sci. and M.E.) and research programmes (Ph.D., M.Sc. and M.Eng.Sci).  Full details of all postgraduate programmes, including information on how to apply for PhD vacancies are available at  Some of the taught Masters level programmes available are:

 Postgraduate programmes are informed by advanced research in the Faculty’s eight academic departments ( ), and also in the Faculty’s specialist research institutes. These are:

NUIM Scientists are also partners in multi-centre initiatives with Scientists and Engineers from other Irish Universities and Industries such as REMEDI ( ), and the National Institute for Cellular Biology ( ).


Psychology picRadio Telescope

science students at NUI Maynooth

Departments and Schools                                          

  • Secondary School Science Practicals: Physics, Chemistry and Biology Leaving Certificate experiments performed in a laboratory setting. Phone Nuala at 01 7083638 for details. These practicals are held over a 2 week period in January.
  • Science Week, November
  • Science Speak
  • School visits by staff
  • CAO evening

Dates for meetings 2014/15

Statutes of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Minutes of Faculty of Science & Engineering Meetings.

14 Jan 2014

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